Attevidae: Tropical Ermine Moths
Alianthus Webworm

Schreckensteiniidae: Bristle-legged Moths
Schreckensteinia erythriella

Choreutidae: Metalmarks
Peacock Brenthia

Hesperiidae: Skippers
Silver-spotted Skipper
Long-tailed Skipper
Long-tailed Skipper nest
Juvenal's Duskywing
Horace's Duskywing
Fawn-spotted Skipper
Clouded Skipper
Lace-winged Roadside-Skipper
Unknown skipper

Papilionidae: Swallowtails
Pipevine Swallowtail
Black Swallowtail
Giant Swallowtail
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
Palamedes Swallowtail
Zebra Swallowtail

Pieridae: Whites and Sulphurs
Cloudless Sulphur

Lycaenidae: Blues, Coppers, Hairstreaks, Harvesters
The Harvester
Olive Hairstreak
Gray Hairstreak
Summer Azure

Nymphalidae: Brush-footed Butterflies
American Snout
Gulf Fritillary
Long-winged Zebra
Question Mark
Eastern Comma
Mourning Cloak
American Lady
Red Admiral
Common Buckeye
Red-spotted Purple
Pearl Crescent
Harris' Checkerspot
Baltimore Checkerspot
Goatweed Leafwing
Hackberry Emperor
Appalachian Brown

Zygaenidae: Leaf Skeletonizers
Laurelcherry Smoky Moth
Grapeleaf Skeletonizer
Clemens' False Skeletonizer Moth

Lacturidae: Tropical Burnet Moths
Lactura basistriga

Crambidae: Crambid Snout Moths
Dogbane Saucrobotys

Pyralidae: Pyralid Moths
Barberry Looper

Megalopygidae: Flannel Moths
Black-waved Flannel Caterpillar
Southern Flannel Moth
Norape virgo
White Flannel Moth

Limacodidae: Slug Caterpillars
Red-crossed Button Slug
Abbreviated Button Slug
Red-eyed Button Slug
Jeweled Tailed Slug Moth
Elegant Tailed Slug
Yellow-shouldered Slug
Yellow-collared Slug
Shagreened Slug
Skiff Moth
Spun Glass Slug
Monkey Slugs
Nason's Slug
Crowned Slug
Adoneta gemina
Long-horned Slug
Purple-crested Slug
Vermillion Pin-striped Slug
Spiny Oak Slug
Smaller Parasa
Stinging Rose Caterpillar

Drepanidae: Hooktip and False Owlet Moths
Tufted Thyatirid
Arched Hooktip Moth or Masked Birch Cat
Rose Hooktip Moth

Geometridae: Loopers, Inchworms, and Spanworms
Brown-bordered Geometer
Red-headed Inchworm (probably)
Many-lined Angle
Digrammia vachella
Dotted Gray
Plumose Gray
Fine-lined Gray
Cypress Gray
Brown-shaded Gray Moth
Bent-line Gray Moth
Common Gray
Small Engrailed Moth
Dash-lined Looper or Porcelain Gray
Tulip-tree Beauty
One Spotted Variant
Linden Looper
Bicolored chloraspilates
Holly Looper
Euchlaena sp
Pero sp
Scallop Moth
Oak Besma
Curve-lined Looper
Southern Neptyia
Yellow Slant-line Moth
Curve-toothed Geometer
Juniper Geometer
Patalene epionata
Large Maple Spanworm
Cypress Emerald
Red-bordered Emerald
White-barred emerald
Red-fringed Emerald
Showy Emerald
Wavy-lined Emerald
Blackberry Looper
Common Tan Wave
Packard's Wave
Waxmyrtle Wave Moth
Sweetfern Geometer
Cross-lined Wave
Greater Grapevine Looper
Common Pug

Apatelodidae: American Silkworm Moths
Spotted Apatelodes

Lasiocampidae: Tent Caterpillars and Lappet Moths
American Lappet Moth
Forest Tent Caterpillar
Eastern Tent Caterpillar
Western Tent Caterpillar

Saturnidae: Giant Silkworm and Royal Moths
Imperial Moth
Hickory Horned Devil or Regal Moth
Rosy Maple Moth
Spiny Oakworm
Third instar Spiny Oakworm
Florida Oakworm
Peigler's Oakworm
Pink-striped Oakworm
Buck Moth
Io Moth
Polyphemus Moth
Luna Moth
Forbes' Silkmoth
Promethea Moth

Sphingidae: Sphinx or Hawk Moths
Carolina Sphinx
Rustic Sphinx
Pawpaw Sphinx
Waved Sphinx
Catalpa Sphinx
Bald Cypress Sphinx
Fawn or Laurel Sphinx
Rare gray form of Southern Pine Sphinx
Southern Pine Sphinx
Twin-spotted Sphinx
Blinded Sphinx
Small-eyed Sphinx
Clavipes Sphinx
Mournful Sphinx
Snowberry Clearwing
Vine Sphinx
Banded Sphinx
Spurious Sphinx
Abbott's Sphinx
Lettered Sphinx
Nessus Sphinx
Virginia Creeper Sphinx
Tersa Sphinx
White-lined Sphinx

Notodontidae: Prominents
Yellow-necked Caterpillar
Angus' Datana
Azalea Caterpillar Moth
Contracted Datana
Walnut Caterpillar
Undescribed Datana sp
White-dotted Prominent
Georgian Prominent
Oval-based Prominent
Angulose Prominent
Double-toothed Prominent
White Furcula
Western Furcula
Black-etched Prominent
White-headed Prominent
Red-humped Oakworm
Black-spotted Prominent
Silvered Prominent
Harvey's Prominent
Litodonta hydromeli
Drab Prominent
Mottled Prominent
Heterocampa astarte
Sandplain Heterocampa
Oblique hetrocampa
White-blotched Heterocampa
Saddled Prominent
Wavy-lined Heterocampa
Variable Oakleaf Caterpillar
Double-lined Prominent
Morning Glory Prominent
Unicorn Caterpillar
Red-humped Caterpillar
Black-blotched Schizura
Red-washed Prominent
Lace-capped Caterpillar
Pink Prominent

Erebidae: Erebid Moths
Faithful Beauty
Packard's Lichen Moth
Ornate Bella Moth
Clymene Haploa
The Neighbor
probably Wooly Bear
Wooly Bear
Salt Marsh moth
Yellow Bear
Agreeable Tiger Moth
Dubious Tiger Moth
Fall Webworm
Giant Leopard Moth
Banded Tussock Moth
Sycamore Tussock Moth
Schaus' Tussock Moth
Hickory Tussock Moth
Santa Ana Tussock Moth
Yellow-winged Pareuchaetes
Milkweed Tussock Caterpillar
Oleander Caterpillar
Texas Wasp Moth
Tephra Tussock Moth
Variable Tussock Moth
Yellow-based Tussock
Southern Tussock Moth
Streaked Tussock Moth
Fir Tussock Moth
Definite Tussock Moth
White-marked Tussock Moth
Dark Zanclognatha
Early Zanclognatha
Wavy-lined Zanclognatha
Ambiguous Litter Moth
Dark-spotted Palthis
Faint-spotted Palthis
Yellow-lined Owlet
Baltimore Snout
Variegated Snout or Mottled Hypena
White-lined Snout
Gray-edged Snout
Snow's Owlet
Curve-lined Owlet
Small Necklace Moth
Moonseed Moth
Yellow Scallop Moth
Gray-eyed Scalloped Moth
Velvetbean Caterpillar Moth
Red-lined Panopoda
Brown Panopoda
Orange Panopoda
Common Oak Moth
Black-dotted Brown Moth
Figure-seven Moth
Pale-edged Selenisa
Lunate Zale
Dixie Zale
Maple Zale
Black Zale
Zale sp
Okefenokee Zale
Maple Looper
Common Ptichodis
Argyrostrotis sp
Short-lined Chocolate Moth
Ilia underwing
Ultronia Underwing
The White Edge

Eutelliidae: Euteliid Moths
Eyed Paectes
Large Paectes Moth

Nolidae: Nolid Moths
Coastal Plain Meganola
Sorghum Nola

Noctuidae: Owlets, Cutworms, Underwings, and Kin
Sharp-stigma Looper
Pitcher Plant Mining Moth
Black-bordered Lemon Moth
Cherry Agate
The Half-Yellow
Olive-shaded Bird-dropping Moth
Common Spragueia
Yellow Spragueia Moth
The Laugher
Ruddy Dagger Moth
American Dagger Moth
River Birch Dagger
Triton Dagger
Pleasant Dagger
Cherry Dagger Moth
Interrupted Dagger
Greater Oak Dagger Moth
Fragile Dagger
Ovate Dagger Moth
Clear Dagger
Witch Hazel Dagger
Southern Oak Dagger Moth complex
Bantam Maple Dagger
Afflicted Dagger Moth
Charred Dagger Moth
Yellow-haired Dagger Moth
Long-winged Dagger
Streaked Dagger Moth
Smeared Dagger
Cattail Caterpillar Moth
The Hebrew
Harris's Three Spot
Beautiful Wood-Nymph
Alypiodes Geronimo
Eight-spotted Forester
Disparate Forester
Cloaked Marvel Moth
Gray Half-spot
Turbulent Phosphila
Spotted Phosphila
Copper Underwing
Fall Armyworm
Yellow-striped Armyworm
Orange-striped Armyworm
Southern Armyworm
Elaphria fuscimacula
Variegated Midget
Red Groundling Moth
The Cobbler
The Confederate
Common Pinkband Groundling
Beggarticks Seedcropper
Gold Moth
Yellow Sunflower Moth
Chamaeclea basiochrea
Camphorweed Cucillia
Goldenrod Hooded Owlet (aka The Asteroid)
Brown-hooded Owlet
Hitched Arches
Zebra Caterpillar
Striped Garden Caterpillar
Distinct Quaker
Gray Woodgrain
Confused Woodgrain
Convict Caterpillar
Corn Earworm
Three-lined Flower Moth

Unidentified Caterpillars
Antaeotricha sp probably
Ants and a caterpillar
Condica sp poss
Hairstreak sp
When bad things happen to good caterpillars
Unknown Twirler Moth
Unknown Twirler Moth (Gelechiidae?

Caterpillars as host for Hymenopteran larvae
Ammophila wasp
Ammophila pictipennis wasp
Unknown Sphecid with Nadata prey
Alianthus Webworm
Caterpillar ID can very difficult! Most of these have been identified by using the few books available on the subject and lots of help from Dave Wagner. Three others who helped greatly are Henning von Schmeling, Mike Thomas, and Steve Krotzer. Henning not only helped finding cats, he has been a great help identifying host plants, as has Malcolm Hodges. Still others who helped with a few are Sam Jaffe, Ryan St Laurent, Bob Barber, Jim Tuttle, and Tim McCabe... . Useful books: -Caterpillars of Eastern North America by Dave Wagner. If you are interested in identifying caterpillars and live in the East, GET THIS BOOK. It is extremely good, and thorough, and also has many moths. (Princeton 2005). -Caterpillars of the Field and Garden by Allen, Brock, and Glassberg. Helpful, with good photos, but has only butterflies and covers all of N America so less useful for any single region in the East (Oxford 2005). -Out of print, but indispensable if you care about noctuids, is Owlet caterpillars of Eastern North America by Wagner, Schweitzer, Sullivan, and Reardon (Princeton 2011) Note that many of the images on this page are of prepupal caterpillars and their color may change drastically from what is typically depicted in the guides for each species. I have these caterpillars arranged by Hodges number, and mostly follow Dr Wagner's common names. Ones I still can't identify are in the section at the bottom. Please let me know if you find any misidentified ones or can help with id! Note also that for the first few years I was hunting and photographing caterpillars I didn't pay attention to host plants (much to my regret now). If the file name does not include host plant info then I failed to record it. This site is being published in March 2020, and many of the pages have been brought over from my old site but are not yet cleaned up from transcription issues... please be patient with me!
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