Broad-winged Damsels (Calopterygidae)
Superb Jewelwing
Appalachian Jewelwing
Sparkling Jewelwing
Ebony Jewelwing
American Rubyspot
Smoky Rubyspot

Spreadwings (Lestidae)
Great Spreadwing
Southern Spreadwing
Carolina Spreadwing
Spotted Spreadwing
Amber-winged Spreadwing
Sweetflag Spreadwing
Elegant Spreadwing
Slender Spreadwing
Swamp Spreadwing
California Spreadwing
Lyre-tipped Spreadwing

Pond Damsels (Coenagrionidae)
Eastern Red Damsel
Western Red Damsel
Blue-fronted Dancer
Seepage Dancer
Variable Dancer
Powdered Dancer
Blue-ringed Dancer
Blue-tipped Dancer
Dusky Dancer
Spine-tipped Dancer
Sierra Madre Dancer
Springwater Dancer
Aurora Damsel
Azure Bluet
Double-striped Bluet
Familiar Bluet
Atlantic Bluet
Big Bluet
Sandhill Bluet
Turquoise Bluet
Stream Bluet
Skimming Bluet
Attenuated Bluet
Pale Bluet
Orange Bluet
Cherry Bluet
Slender Bluet
Vesper Bluet
Blackwater Bluet
Purple Bluet
Burgundy Bluet
Rainbow Bluet
Tule Bluet
Citrine Forktail
Lilypad Forktail
Fragile Forktail
Furtive Forktail
Rambur's Forktail
Eastern Forktail
Pacific Forktail
Western Forktail
Sphagnum Sprite
Southern Sprite
Duckweed Firetail

Petaltails (Petaluridae)
Gray Petaltail

Darners (Aeshnidae)
Shadow Darner
Common Green Darner
Comet Darner
Springtime Darner
Ocellated Darner
Fawn Darner
Regal Darner
Blue-faced Darner
Swamp Darner
Cyrano Darner
Taper-tailed Darner
Harlequin Darner
Twilight Darner
Phantom Darner
Blue-eyed Darner
Lance-tipped Darner
Paddle-tailed Darner
Variable Darner
Zigzag Darner

Clubtails (Gomphidae)
Two-striped Forceptail
Gray-green Clubtail
Unicorn Clubtail
Southeastern Spinyleg
Black-shouldered Spinyleg
Flag-tailed Spinyleg
Eastern Ringtail
Serpent Ringtail
Cherokee Clubtail
Sable Clubtail
Blackwater Clubtail
Cobra Clubtail
Splendid Clubtail
Cocoa Clubtail
Handsome Clubtail
Plains Clubtail
Skillet Clubtail
Clearlake Clubtail
Sandhill Clubtail cavillaris
Sandhill Clubtail brimleyi
Diminutive Clubtail
Lancet Clubtail
Ashy Clubtail
Cypress Clubtail
Rapids Clubtail
Hodges' Clubtail
Westfall's Clubtail
Dusky Clubtail
Tennessee Clubtail
Moustached Clubtail
Banner Clubtail
Twin-striped Clubtail
Piedmont Clubtail
Green-faced Clubtail
Southern Pygmy Clubtail
Southern Snaketail
Edmund's Snaketail
Maine Snaketail
Appalachian Snaketail
Rusty Snaketail
Pale Snaketail
Tawny Sanddragon
Common Sanddragon
Eastern Least Clubtail
Shining Clubtail
Laura's Clubtail
Russet-tipped Clubtail
Zebra Clubtail
Townes' Clubtail

Spiketails (Cordulegastridae)
Brown Spiketail
Tiger Spiketail
Twin-spotted Spiketail
Arrowhead Spiketail
Say's Spiketail

Cruisers (Macromiidae)
Stream Cruiser
Florida Cruiser
Allegheny River Cruiser
Georgia River Cruiser
Illinois River Cruiser
Mountain River Cruiser
Royal River Cruiser

Emeralds (Corduliidae)
Common Baskettail
Slender Baskettail
Mantled Baskettail
Prince Baskettail
Sepia Baskettail
Robust Baskettail
Florida Baskettail
Selys Sundragon
Uhler's Sundragon
Smoky Shadowdragon
Umber Shadowdragon
Cinnamon Shadowdragon
Fine-lined Emerald
Mocha Emerald
Clamp-tipped Emerald
Calvert's Emerald
Treetop Emerald
American Emerald

King Skimmers (Libellulidae)
Blue Corporal
Golden-winged Skimmer
Needham's Skimmer
Needhams Skimmer
Bar-winged Skimmer
Spangled Skimmer
Yellow-sided Skimmer
Slaty Skimmer
Widow Skimmer
Twelve-spotted Skimmer
Painted Skimmer
Great Blue Skimmer
Four-spotted Skimmer
Flame Skimmer
Common Whitetail
Desert Whitetail

テつOther (non-King) Skimmers (Libellulidae)
Red-tailed Pennant
Four-spotted Pennant
Amanda's Pennant
Red-veined Pennant
Calico Pennant
Halloween Pennant
Banded Pennant
Ornate Pennant
Double-ringed Pennant
Swift Setwing
Eastern Pondhawk
Seaside Dragonlet
Little Blue Dragonlet
Band-winged Dragonlet
Marl Pennant
Hyacinth Glider
Elfin Skimmer
Roseate Skimmer
Blue Dasher
Wandering Glider
Spot-winged Glider
Eastern Amberwing
Blue-faced Meadowhawk
Variegated Meadowhawk
Ruby Meadowhawk
Band-winged Meadowhawk
Autumn Meadowhawk
Saffron-winged Meadowhawk
White-faced Meadowhawk
Striped Meadowhawk
Carolina Saddlebags
Black Saddlebags
Red Saddlebags
Pale-faced Clubskimmer
Dot-tailed Whiteface
Filigree Skimmer

Random odonate images
Baskettail sp, expired
Pennant Interrupted
Superb Jewelwing
Note that flight dates listed are regional, compiled primarily from GA and AL, though not all known records have dates so with some rare species the dates are incomplete. Number of counties listed refers to GA.

Here is an updated downloadable pdf Odonate Field Checklist for Georgia. Many thanks to Jim Flynn for creating it! This site is being published in March 2020, and many of the pages have been brought over from my old site but are not yet cleaned up from transcription issues... please be patient with me!

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