Striated Heron
I was lucky enough to go on a several day work trip to Manaus, Brazil from 26 June to 1 July 2010. I patrolled the area around my hotel several days, finding a few little patches of habitat, and hired a guide a boat a couple of days as well. In the middle of rainy season, the rivers were very high. My hotel was the Manaus Tropical on the Rio Negro River. Each day's details:

26 June: Meeting of the Waters boat trip to confluence of Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes. Some consider this the beginning of the real Amazon.
27 June: Big Island (photo numbers 6-39), Ariau Tower on Ariau River (44-255)
28 June: Iranduba Lake (8-237), Lake Januauari (252-263), Januauri Island trail (268-316)
29 June: Hotel Tropical grounds

Thanks to Dennis Paulson for ID help with birds and odonates, Angelo Pinto and Natalia Von Ellenrieder with odonates, and Terry Irwin and Dan Duran with beetles.

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