Trip Photos
Some of the boys
Mike in hunting mode
Mike and Giff
One of the sheets, on 4 Oct
Moth sheet
Another sheet
One of the sheets, 6 Oct
Lek trail
The Munstermann lodge
More lodge
Breakfast table
Stream 1
Stream 2
Kaw River

Class Arachnida, Order Aranae- Spiders
Unknown spider
Micrathena sp
Unknown jumper

Order Odonata: Damselflies
Heliocharis amazona
Hetaerina sp.
Mnesarete sp.
Argia sp.
Heteragrion ictericum
Palaemnema sp.
Palaemnema brevignoni
Neoneura sp.?

Order Odonata: Darners
Staurophlebia sp.
Gynacantha membranalis

Order Odonata: Clubtails
Phyllocycla sp.
Cacoides latro
Unknown Zonophora sp.

Order Odonata: Emeralds
Aeschnosoma forcipula

Order Odonata: Skimmers
Anatya guttata
Unknown skimmer

Order Orthoptera- Crickets, Grasshoppers, Locusts
Unknown Monkey Grasshopper
Proscopiidae sp.
Unknown Katydid
Cycloptera speculata.
Wasp Mimic Katydid

Order Dictyoptera- Cockroaches, Mantids
Unknown Mantid sp.
Unknown Roach sp.

Order Hemiptera: Suborder Auchenorrhyncha
Leafhopper sp.
Fulgorid Planthopper
nymph Fulgorid Planthopper
Unknown Treehopper sp.
Odontoptera carrenoi
Posed Membracid

Order Hemiptera: Suborder Heteroptera, True Bugs
Diactor bilineatus
Manicocoris rufipes

Order Neuroptera- Lacewings, Antlions, Mantis Flies
Ant-mimic Mantisipid
Mantisipid sp.

Order Coleoptera- Beetles
Chrysina sp.?
Megasoma acteon
Chrysomelid sp.
Unknown Tortoiseshell Beetle sp.
Batus barbicornis
Ant-mimic Cerambycid Beetle
Unknown Brentid weevil
Taeniotes sp.
Lampyrid Beetle
Myoxomorpha funestra

Order Diptera- True Flies, Mosquitoes
Unknown Flies
Unknown Leptogaster sp.
Unknown Andrenosoma sp.

Order Lepidoptera: Butterflies
Unknown Heliconian
Unknown Hairstreaks
Blue Morpho
Unknown Butterflies
Unknown butterflies
Unknown Heliconia
Unknown moths
Emergent Moth sp.
Gorgonidia buckleyi whitfordi
Lampyrid mimic moth

Order Lepidoptera: Larvae
Geometrid caterpillar
Sphinx caterpillar
Unknown caterpillar
Unknown Caterpillar
Unknown Looper Caterpillar
Megalapodid caterpillar
Sphinx sp.
Unknown larvae

Order Hymenoptera- Bees, Ants, Wasps, Hornets
Unknown Ant
Bullet Ant, Unknown sp.
Apoica pallens

Unknown gecko that lived in our kitchen.

Class Aves - Birds
Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture
Swallow-tailed Kite
Azure Gallinule
American Golden-Plover
Semipalmated Plover
Wattled Jacana
Lesser Yellowlegs
Spotted Sandpiper
White-rumped Sandpiper
Pectoral Sandpiper
Yellow-billed Tern
Great Ani
Smooth-billed Ani
Blackish Nightjar
Amazon Kingfisher
White-headed Marsh-Tyrant
Guianan Cock of the Rock
Black-capped Donacobius
Red-breasted Blackbird

Class Mammalia- Mammals
Yellow-legged Tamarin
Some of the boys
I was lucky enough to go on a weeklong trip to French Guiana from 1-8 October 2010. I tagged along with a group of serious entomologists, mostly associated with Yale's Peabody Collection. We largely patrolled the grounds and nearby forest of our lodge, the Amazone Nature Lodge located on Kaw Mountain at about 3000 feet elevation. Kaw Mountain is really a long ridge, and we searched both during the day in various habitats plus at night using mercury-vapor lamps. I mostly worked with Mike (see list below) as we tried various trails and streams either at the lodge or up to 6 km away. One day we took a boat trip on the Kaw River near the "town" of Kaw (7 Oct).

List of collectors, all dedicated entomologists:

Maishe Dickman
Bill and Suzanne Krinsky
Leonard and Maya Munstermann
Mike Thomas
Vic and Roanna DeMasi

Most of the posed stuff was either caught by net in the field or came of one of the sheets at night.

Thanks to the following for ID help:
Beetles and insects in general: Bill Krinsky
Cerambycids: Roy Morris
Odonates: Marcel Wasscher
Birds and odonates: Dennis Paulson
This site is being published in March 2020, and many of the pages have been brought over from my old site but are not yet cleaned up from transcription issue... please be patient with me!

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