Admestina tibialis
Twin-flagged Jumping Spider
Colonus puerperus
Colonus sylvanus
Bronze Jumper
Eris sp
Evarcha hoyi
Habronattus carolinensis
Habronattus coecatus
Habronattus decorus
Habronattus festus
Habronattus georgiensis
Habronattus moratus
Eyebrowed Jumper
Habronattus orbus
Habronattus pyrrithrix
Habronattus sabulosus
Habronattus trimaculatus
Habronattus viridipes
Hentzia grenada
Hentzia mitrata
Hentzia palmarum
Leptofreya ambigua
Magnolia Green Jumper
Dimorphic Jumper
Dimorphic Jumper one
Maevia sp 1
Maevia sp 2
Maevia sp new, undescribed
Maevia sp
Maevia sp new
Marpissa bina
Pike Slender Jumper
Marpissa robusta
Gray Wall Jumper
Menemerus semilimbatus
Metacryba floridana
Metacryba taeniola
Metaphidippus manni
Naphrys pulex
Naphrys xerophila
Paramaevia michelsoni
Paraphidippus aurantius
Peckhamia sp
Pelegrina exigua
Peppered Jumping Spider
Pelegrina proterva
Pelegrina tillandsiae
Pelegrina tillandsiae habitat
Pellenes longimanus
Phidippus apacheanus
Phidippus arizonensis
Bold Jumper
Phidippus bidentatus
Cardinal Jumper
Phidippus carneus
Phidippus caroliniensis
Phidippus clarus
Phidippus mystaceus
Phidippus otiosus
Phidippus pius
Phidippus princeps
Phidippus pulcherrimus
Phidippus purpuratus
Phidippus putnami
Regal Jumper
Phidippus texanus
Phidippus whitmani
Workman's Jumper
Phidippus sp
Phlegra hentzi
Unk Phidippus
Platycryptus undatus
Pantropical Jumper
Zebra Jumper
Sassacus cyaneus
Sassacus power line
Sassacus papenhoei
Synageles sp
Synemosyna formica
Tutelina sp
Hammerjawed Jumper
Zygoballus sexpunctatus
Zygoballus sp
Admestina tibialis
The majority of these species occur in Georgia, and are listed in taxonomic order by scientific name regardless of common name, if they even have one. I have had much help with my pursuit of these spiders, and identifying them. First and foremost are GB Edwards and David Hill. Others who have helped with ID or finding them include, alphabetically: Lyn Atherton, Marshal Hedin, Jeff Hollebeck, Steve Krotzer, Wayne Maddison, Tim Manolis, David Richman, Dirk Stevenson, Henning von Schmeling, Mike Thomas, and Patrick Zephyr. I am especially indebted to Patrick Zephyr and Jeff Hollebeck, who loaned me several of the Phidippus to photograph. This site is being published in March 2020, and many of the pages have been brought over from my old site but are not yet cleaned up from transcription issue... please be patient with me!
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