Grasshoppers (Acrididae)
Pygmy Grasshoppers
Longheaded Toothpick Grasshopper
Brown Winter Grasshopper
Shortwinged Green Grasshopper
Two-striped Mermiria Grasshopper
Lively Mermiria Grasshopper
Spottedwinged Grasshopper
Handsome Grasshopper
Clippedwing Grasshopper
Southern Greenstriped Grasshopper
Northern Green-striped Grasshopper
Unknown Chortophaga
Orangewinged Grasshopper
Boll's Grasshopper
Ridgeback Sand Grasshopper
Marbled Grasshopper
Seaside Grasshopper
Linearwinged Gasshopper
Cattail Toothpick Grasshopper
Two-striped Grasshopper
Differential Grasshopper
Larger Fork-tailed Grasshopper
Immodest Spurthroat Grasshopper
Southern Red-legged Grasshopper
Pinetree Spurthroat Grasshopper
Migratory Grasshopper
Unknown Melanoplus
Atlantic Grasshopper
Olivegreen Swamp Grasshopper
Rusty Grasshopper
American Grasshopper
larval American Grasshopper
Mischievous Grasshopper
Obscure Birdwing Grasshopper
Glassywinged Toothpick Grasshopper
Eastern Lubber Grasshopper

Unidentified Grasshoppers
Unknown 1
Unknown nymph Grasshopper
Unknown 2
possibly Carolina Grasshopper?
Unknown, maybe Southern Yellow-winged Grasshopper
Unknown 3
Unknown sp
Unknown 4
Unknown 5
possibly Pasture Grasshopper
Unknown 6
Unknown 7
Unknown 8
Unknown nymph
Unknown 9
Unknown 10
Unknown, possibly
Unknown spur-throated grasshopper
Chortophaga ?
Unknown 11
Unknown 12
Unknown spur-throated grasshopper
Unknown 13
Unknown 14
Unknown 15
Unknown 16
Unknown 17
Cave crickets.
Unknown cricket
Unknown katydid nymph
Unknown katydid
Red-headed Bush Cricket
Dendrotettix australis
Pygmy Grasshoppers
Note: Many thanks to JoVonn Hill, Kathy Kirk, and John Capinera for help with ID. The species are in taxonomic order, with repeat photos in the order I photographed them. Comments welcomed! The two books I use the most are:
-Grasshoppers, Katydids and Crickets of the US (Capinera et al)
-Grasshoppers of Florida (Capinera et al)

Of less applicability due to distance but still helpful are:
-Guide to the Grasshoppers of Wisconsin (Kirk and Bomar)
-The Orthoptera of Michigan (Bland) This site is being published in March 2020, and many of the pages have been brought over from my old site but are not yet cleaned up from transcription issue... please be patient with me!

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