Dorcaschema cinereum
Most of the beetles on this page have been identified with the help of Dr. Mike Thomas of the Florida State Collection of Arthropods, and without that generous help most would have remained unidentified! Patrick Coin has helped tremendously, and Paul Choate, Mike Thomas (of CT) and Bill Krinsky have also helped. Page references are to Dillon and Dillon A Manual of Common Beetles of Eastern North America (1961). Species not listed in Dillon may be referenced to White Beetles (1983). Species not specifically listed in Dillon will have a page reference to the genus or family. There is some taxonomic disagreement between these two references, and some taxonomy has changed since both books.... but they are all I have.

The species on this page have been divided into three categories: 1) Beetles I am sure of or have been identified by Dr Thomas. 2) Beetles I am reasonably sure of but haven't been confirmed yet. 3) Beetles I am unsure of or sometimes have no idea on...or most recent posted photos until I can ID and move them. This site is being published in March 2020, and many of the pages have been brought over from my old site but are not yet cleaned up from transcription issues... please be patient with me!
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