Uganda and Kenya Odonates (Odonata) 3-18 Aug 2009

Note: Many thanks to K D B Dijkstra for most of the identifications, plus a few from Dennis Paulson. Thanks guys!

Shots of the habitats for any of these locations are on the scenics page. I apologize for the variable quality of the shots, but some were hand held with a 400mm and aren't very sharp.

A great place to check out African Odonates is

Lindsay Cottages, Kampala, Uganda. 3 Aug 2009

Common Tigertail (Ictinogomphus ferox)

Mabamba Bay Wetland, Uganda. 4 Aug 2009

Banded Groundling (Brachythemis leucosticta)

Rhytothemis fenestrina


Acisoma trifidum

Chalcostephia flavifrons

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Trail, Uganda. 7 Aug 2009.


Umma saphirina

  Chlorocypha molindica

  Chlorocypha molindica female

  Africallagma elongatum

Chlorocnemis sp. C. nigripes or pauli.

Orthetrum julia

Rwempunu River in Cape Elizabeth NP, Uganda. 8 Aug 2009.

  Dancing Jewel (Platycypha caligata)

  Platycypha lacustris

Chlorocypha victoriae

Variation with yellow tip to abdomen.

  Pseudagrion melanicterum

Pseudagrion spernatum

Orthetrum julia

St. Lucia Widow (Palpopleura lucia)

Kirby's Dropwing (Trithemis kirbyi)

  Red-veined Dropwing Trithemis arteriosa

Kibale Forest Camp grounds, Uganda. 10 Aug 2009. Near Bigodi Swamp.

Pseudagrion hageni

Agriocnemis palaeforma

Endemic to Uganda papyrus swamps.

Possibly Orthemis julia.

Lake Victoria, Entebbe Botanical Garden, Uganda. 12 Aug 2009.

Unknown Pseudagrion. Possibly P. hamoni.

Unknown Phyllomacromia. Possibly Darting Cruiser (P. picta)

Banded Groundling (Brachythemis leucosticta)

Violet Dropwing (Trithemis annulata)

Rekero Safari Camp, Masai Mara, Kenya. 17 Aug 2009.

  Black-tailed Skimmer (Nesciothemis farinosa) female.




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