Uganda and Kenya Scenics 3-18 Jan 2009

Note: These photos are mostly grouped together chronologically by location. If you run your cursor over the image you can see the title of the image, which will give the date and location of the shot.

Lake Victoria from Lindsay Cottages, and flame tree, Kampala Uganda. 3 Aug.

Mabamba Bay Wetland, Uganda. 4 Aug.

Bottom left is another papyrus swamp along the road somewhere away from Mabamba Bay.

Lake Mburo National Park and a couple of road views. 4-5 Aug.

This was the Finfoot lake.


Bwindi Impenetrable Forest area, 5-8 Aug.

I gave up on any kind of cogent organization of these photos, so here goes, by row:

1: Bwindi Impenetrable Forest signs.
2+3: The actual forest, we hiked up and over that tallest hill. Took us 5 hours to reach the gorillas.
4: The trail we followed, until it gave out to just forest on right.
5: A view from the hill, and a mountain stream.
6: Another stream.
7: Another stream, and another view.
8: More trailless areas we trekked through.
9: Our motley group, and one of the guards.
10: You can clearly see the edge of the protected forest on the left, and then one of the trails we birded the enxt day.
11: The group, and some coffee plants.
12: More coffee, one of Uganda's leading exports, a park sign, and a river from the road.

Views of Lake Edward, Cape Elizabeth National Park, and the Rwempunu River in the park, 8 Aug.

I had my best day with odonates at this river crossing.

Cape Elizabeth National Park scenes and plants and then a couple of rivers while driving, 9 Aug.

Kibale Forest Park 10 Aug.

Top row is during the chimp trek, bottom row is habitat along the edge of Bigodi Swamp near our camp.

Lewa Downs area, 13-15 Aug.

Flying between Lewa and Rekero, 15 Aug.

Scenes from the Masai Mara around Rekero Safari Camp, 15-17 Aug.




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