Uganda and Kenya People 3-18 Jan 2009

Note: This page is semi-arranged in the following order:
Guides or locals from places during the trip
Local people and scenes while driving
Lodges and camps we stayed in
People shots of our group.
The last two sections are probably only of interest to people who went on the trip... and as usual you can run your cursor over the image to see the explanatory title info.

Guides or locals from places during the trip

We had armed guards at most of the parks, either for poachers or animals... or both.

Local people and scenes while driving

Transport section (top 15): Matoke (green bananas) are a staple, and seen everywhere. So are overloaded trucks, cars, and bikes. Not to mention nasty smoggy air in the towns, and flat tires. The little scooters were everywhere too, and worked a lot better downhill than up!





















Commerce section (next 24): Each little town had their own butcher shop, which seemed to operate on the premise that once some meat was available, it would be snapped up quickly, so the meat of the day would just sit out on a hook until it was all gone. If you stopped your vehicle anywhere near the omnipresent roadside vendors, they would run over and try to sell you whatever they had, whether you wanted any or not! But usually you stopped at that spot to get what they were offering, so it worked out. The number of brightly painted buildings was amazing...  




















Random photos section (next 9): There were little brick kilns everywhere... their primary building material in most of the small villages. The WC sign was a lot funnier than the actual WCs...



















People section (last 16): Just shots of people we saw along the road, or at various villages. The last two shots at bottom right are among my favorites of the entire trip.









Lodges and camps we stayed in

Various hotels and lodges from the trip. Names for each location are in the image name...

Showers were of varying degrees of modern, from the tub of water and hand valve at Kibale to huge stone showers at Lewa and Wilderness House. Macushla was kind of in the middle.. good water but nowhere to place the shower head.

People shots of our group

The titles say it all... rather a motley crew but a wonderful trip!



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