Tanazanian "Other" page 10-21 Jan 2005

Note: This page is for all the images that didn't fit on the birds or mammal pages. Scenics, insects, trees, etc.

  Sunrise at Ndutu

Various sunsets

Serengeti scenic

Ngorongoro Crater from the rim

Ndutu area map

  Stream feeding Lake Manyara

Odonates in a pond at Lake Manyara.

The top row is male and female Banded Groundling (Brachythemis leucosticta).
Bottom left is Red Basker (Urothemis assignata)
Bottom right is Barbet (Philonomon luminans)

Odonates from a stream at Lake Manyara. From the vehicle!

Top left is a female Orthetrum skimmer
Top right is Chlorocypha sp, a damselfly
Bottom one is the Tigertail (Ictinogomphus ferox)


  Unknown butterfly

  Caterpillar of the Silk Moth Bunaea alcinoe

Leopard Tortoise

Agama Lizard


  Baobab Tree

Strangler Fig

"Roadwork" To "fix" a perfectly acceptable dirt road, the solution was to dump large piles of new dirt, with many huge rocks, right in the middle of the old road. Even after smoothing the piles, the road was close to impassable...

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